Higher Yields with 25% Less Water
Healthy Soils & Crops, Healthy Livestock, Greener Turf, Anti-Scaling

Agriculture Benefits

Irrigated Crop Applications

Field studies show:
· 20% to 30% reduction in water
· 20% to 25% energy reduction to pump water
· 20% to 25% reduction in fertilizer, pesticides,           herbicides, insecticides
· Increases water bioavailability, nutrients and
  oxygen concentration to plants
· Increases seed germination
· Improves crop uniformity
· Increases shelf life of harvested crops
· Eliminates standing water and run-off

Soil Enhancement

· ecoSolv water technology rejuvenates soil
· Dissolves accumulated salts and minerals
· Increases the soil’s microbial growth
· Creates healthy living soil supporting plant life

Used With Livestock

· Reduced livestock losses
· Reduces disease in livestock & animal breeding
· Increased milk and egg production per animal
· Elimination of strong ammonia manure odor
· Reduces disease in aquaculture species

Yield Enhancement

· Increase in crop yields from 7% to 20%
· 50% faster seed germination
· 30% faster reaching flower stage

Maintenance Benefits

· Pumps wear less and use less energy
· Reduces irrigation spray nozzle mineral buildup
· Reduces irrigation system maintenance
· Enhances effective water distribution
· Requires no electrical installation
· Uses no chemicals

ecoSolv Water

Test Results

Indian Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Pili Drive, Los Banos,      

Laguna 4031, Philippines

Study performed in India 2021


Water Used                 - 15%
Crop Yield                    +19%

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Field Study

Las Marismas de Lebrija S.C.A.
Lebrija, Sevilla, Spain
Guadalquivir River Region


Water Used                 - 30%
Weight Gain                 + 7%

Field Study

VCG Trade - Malmsbury South Africa

Irrigation System Conditions
A 2 inch/50mm ecoSolv Unit was installed and
operated for 7 days.

Before   Head Condition   After
58.3%    Severely blocked   0%
25%       Partially blocked   12.5%
16.7%    Fully Functional    77.5%

University Study

Horticulture Farm,
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University
Dhaka, Bangladesh
21 September, 2019 to January 2020.


Water Used                 - 25%
Fruits/Plant                 + 19%
Fruit Weight                + 7%
Plant Yield                   + 29%

University Study

Prof. Dr. Hamide Gubbuk
Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Horticulture
Akdeniz University
07058 Antalya, TURKEY


2020 & 2021 Growing Season
Water Used                  - 22%
Finger Number           + 11%
Bunch Weight             + 11%
Plant Yield                   + 11%

The ecoSolv Technology

The ecoSolv water technology changes water molecule polarity. University research studies and experts* reveal that water molecules align into different structured ´clumps´ based on the electromagnetic fields of substances water contacts. These structured molecular “clumps” are not readily absorbed by organic plant cells... ecoSolv is a frequency based technology which clears water of existing molecule structures and forms the molecules into an organic structure that aligns with the electromagnetic field of plant cells. 

This organically structured water is more bio-accessible and is readily absorbed by the roots and cellular composition of the plant. This water also absorbs more rapidly into soil, reducing water loss to evaporation.

Plants are more efficiently hydrated while using up to 25% less water. As more water is absorbed by the plant, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the fruit or seed. This increases nutrient solubility creating healthier plants with greater yields.

The nature of organically structured water reduces the surface tension of the water, removing scaling and clogging of water lines and sprinkler heads. This allows water to flow more readily through irrigation pipes and nozzles requiring less pumping energy.

ecoSolv water returns several times its investment cost with each crop harvest.

ecoSolv water is a powerful natural boost for more profitable farming. 

* University of Washington - Dr. Gerald Pollack, State University of Pennsylvania – Dr. Rustum Roy, Nobel Prize Winner – Kurt Wuthrich PhD,
London University Great Britain – Dr, Martin Chaplin, The Moscow State University – Russia – Dr. Vladimir Voeikov.

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